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Nan & Gramps Photo Album

The Jacoby, Weiss, and Engel Clan, from across the 20th Century.

Paul and Jenny Jacoby
Jenny born 1868 died 1915; Paul Jacoby born 1857 died 1940

Rose Jacoby Weiss Alexander Weiss Celia and Ben Engel Helen and Dave Jacoby Uncle Louis, Aunt Gussie and the boys, Maxie, David, and Julius
Rose Jacoby Weiss 12/14/1898 - 3/18/1987
Alexander 'Al' Weiss 11/15/1893 - 1/7/1992
Celia Jacoby Engel and Benjamin Engel
David and Helen Jacoby
Louis and Gussie Jacoby, and the boys, Julius, Davey, and Maxie (left to right)


New for New Year's 2007!  A picture of Gramp's (Al Weiss') World War I paraphernalia... click here!

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Greetings Jacoby, Weiss, and Engel related family and friends.  These pages should be of historic interest to all our relatives.  Are you a relative?  We are of Hungarian extraction, mostly surviving the Holocaust of the 1930's and 1940's.  Nan and Gramps came to New York through Ellis Island around 1910.  Gramps worked as a meatpacker in New York City, and Nanny, well, she was Nanny!  Gramps was a decorated, wounded, WW1 veteran, a survivor of the Muese-Argonne campaign.  They married in June of 1920, and had two daughters, Zelda and Evelyn, in 1921 and 1923, respectively.  Zelda and Evelyn married Bill Katz and Ed Gersh, respectively, both in 1942.  Zelda's kids are Robbie and Paul.  Ed and Evelyn raised Eileen, Madeleine, and Jon (that's me). 

The pictures you're about to see span the whole 20th century.  They're in no particular order, and I've added some minimal comments to orient you. They're pictures I picked out of Nanny's cardboard box and they seemed good. For some reason there aren't too many pictures of the Engel clan, that's Aunt Celia and her kids.  I'll see what else I can dig up. I put one picture per page, averaging about 100 - 150K bytes each in size... my best guess as to the best quality at a reasonable speed for you. 

If you know this family, or are a part of it, I'd love to hear from you.  Please email me at  Jon @ Planetbanjo.com.

If you know the whereabouts of the offspring of Gene Kohn, Francis Kohn, or Alex Kohn, please contact me as well.  I've lost touch with Sam Kohn and Eugene Kohn, formerly of Euclid, Ohio.  There is a picture of them, and their matriarch, Kohn Neni, in this batch of pictures. 

NEW!  For April 2005The Engel Clan!  Cousin Milton sent up a big bunch of GREAT pictures!  These include the likes of Paul Jacoby, Milton Engel, Seymour Engel, George Engel, Edward Engel (a.k.a. Little Eddie), Barbara Perlman, Celia Engel, Benjamin Engel, David Jacoby and Helen,Louie Jacoby, Gussie Jacoby, Maxie Jacoby, David Jacoby, Julius Jacoby, and lots more of Nan and Gramps (that's Al Weiss, Rose Jacoby Weiss, and Evelen and Zelda). 

Some of the important people you'll find here:  Evelyn Weiss Gersh (Evelyn Gersh), Edward Martin Gersh (Ed Gersh), William H. Katz (Bill Katz), Zelda Weiss, Zelda Katz, Paul David Katz, Roberta Katz (Robbie Katz), Roberta Tessler, Eileen Susan Gersh (Eileen Isison), Madeleine Gersh (Maddy Gersh) Jon Gersh, Milton Engel, Seymour Engel, Edward Engel, Benjamin (Ben) Engel, Doug Engel, Barry Engel, too many more to mention!!