That was a fun Ashokan!! Thanks, Jay and Molly! While we mightily missed Junior and Miriam, we thrilled to the Sweetback Sisters, no doubt! And danced to some fabulous swing. So enjoy these pictures! They're different from past years; I got a new camera, a Canon G1X Mark II and it does "stuff"! Let me know what you think ( or if you'd like a higher-res copy, please send me the full link tot the pictures you'd like. You're welcome to snag any of these you like! If you post them elsewhere, I'd appreciate a "photo credit Jon Gersh". So... get going! What are you waiting for? Click on the LITTLE pictures to see the BIG pictures, and click on the BIG pictures to see the NEXT picture. Enjoy!!!

The good ol' wiggly bridge.  Sigh.  Taken from the non-existent dock.
The best part of getting there early!  Seeing Stephanie, who only comes for the pre-camp dance!
Kathy with Deb.  Deb got sick and had to go home.  We missed you!!! Feel better!!!
This was the year of the Thomas!  John was justifiably proud of his young lad who has grown up at warp speed.  Or was I just not paying close enough attention.  Sounding good!!!
E Pluribus Laurel
I find the best pictures are at the staff introductions when there are no microphone stands in the way.  This is Radim's intro, there will be lots of pictures of him to come... Larry and Harry assist!
Larry.  There are better pictures of you to come!
Trying out my new camera!!  An artsy shot of Radim.  Like it??  Well, keep going.  There are more artsy shots to come... some are pretty good!
Gerald, in his most natural state :-)
That's better.  More serious.
Ah, that's the Dave we all know and love
Vintage photo effect....
Kevin with Larry behind....
Tom with Harry
Tom with Harry.  I think I like this new camera... this is a nice shot!
No description needed!
Portrait of Tom
Robbert on staff!  Way to go!  A little too artsy here... but stay tuned....
Matt G
Molly, this is a winner!!  You look beautiful!!  I remember one of my first years at Ashokan a new camper asked me if everyone was required to fall in love with Molly.  I said yes.
Larry B.
Great picture of Peter E!  The rest of you are alright, I suppose :-0  You all are terrifically fun to dance to.
Peter D.
Dave D.
Nathan and Erin.  Four feet off the floor, whoa!  Did they EVER touch the ground!?  You guys are the best.  Obsessed.  But then again, that's what we love about you.
Peter E.
Zara in pencil
Band class, thanks Johnny J!!!  This was a fun class with the Sweetbacks, and Ryan really helped me focus on the steel, which was my goal for the week.
Another Johnny J. pic... back porch pickin' with Jon & Kathy, and Kate and Mimi
Emily, the star of the show!
Yeah!!  A picture of Malcolm!!  I swear, that kid never slowed down enough for me to take a picture of him.  Fortunately, Kevin has him restrained.
Emily casts a spell of music upon Matt G.
J-Ro... you seemed different this year, what's up??  Nevertheless, you're still photogenic, in a devil-may-care sort of way.
Chuck, glad you came back to camp!!
Emily with the Sweetbacks.
Zara with the bunny head.... PJ in the background.
These are great pictures of PJ, if you discount the missing head, and calling it
Or is this one better??  I can't decide!  So you get both.
Pinki, camp would simply not be camp without YOU!!!!
Portrait of Conchi, with an especially large Ovation.
Sitting in for Anne J. this year in the cleavage department... is Vicki!  An irrepressible bundle of energy... jocularity incarnate.
Cham, I hardly know ye.
First of many of Shane... our Irish import!
Patrick, it was really fun in band class with you this year!  You nailed that dang lick that I just couldn't get!!
Michael S. ended up playing more country this year... to my great liking... maybe we've straightened this boy out.
JJ Hisself.
Cue our puckish Laurie F!  What a nice surprise to have you back... with you inimical (?) wit and karma.
Basking in the glow of his Emily... Michael.
Artsy shot of Susie with Ryan
Ryan H.
Susie D.
A more finely grained Barry
John K.
John K...
Jay's Half of Class on a beautiful day.
John P., lookin' good!
A better picture of Johnny.  I like it!
You know, I've been playing more than twice as long as you've been alive, and I'll probably never be half as good.  How does that work!?  P.S. nice hair!
Molly teaching class
Matt G.
Matt G., who knew?
Radim's Rope Tricks class... Elissa was having just too much fun....
Radim, with a
Terry!  Not too many of you for some reason...
Brought to you as a public service.... get yer ropes here!
Radim and Elissa
Kathy tries her hand at the rope tricks.
Hmm.  Smells like a duck....
Mimi and Elizabeth
Mary brought her beautiful granddaughter Laura to camp, what a nice treat!  Jeanne peeking in the background... actually, that's a pretty nice shot of Jeanne!!
J-Ro.... pensive...
Tom and Pinki, this might be the only shot of you together!
Shane.  With a look.
Eric, in a softer light.
I'm still trying to think of some pertinent questions...
Stan!  You made it!!
Da Lin.  I experimented with you a bit... so there'll be more pictures... let me know which ones you like...
Vivid colors!
Bara, in the BEST light....
Bara... with effects... I like it!
Kate.  Terrific singer!!  Let's do more!!
Portrait of Laura, Mary's granddaughter
Pinki's wheels... vintage effect for a vintage chick...
Molly, Jay, and Tom practicing.... but for what?
I guess this is what they were practicing for!  Interesting effect... or is it?
E Pluribus Laurel
Couldn't resist another one
Dave with John J.
I wish I had audio for this one... left to right, Emily, Michael, John, Vicki, Leslie, John K., Laurel, Colin
Tii's first foray into Western Swing week... we hope you'll make a habit of it!!
Catherine, looking good, as always
Zara and Emily
Kathy gets a lesson in brushes from Stefan
Terrific back porch shot... Bara, Liz, Conchi, Olivia, and Gerald
Nice back porch scene... visible are Linda, John P., and Janice
Rory... perhaps the only shot of you... but nice!
John J.
Hey!  That's me!  Fortunately, my new camera has a terrific
Larry B
Jay and Molly
Zara, Emily, Colin
The Sweetbacks with Laurel
Emily and Zara, Laurel looking on.
Olivia with her parasol.  I guess when it rains it would be her paraguas.
Melissa, camp wouldn't be camp without such a cool staff!!
Kate S.
Carlos with the Fender Champ.
No explanation needed!
Carla...having a grand old time!
Patrick went all the way to Greenwich to fetch that left-handed Tele.... I'm glad he did!!
Matt with Kate
Ben in eyebrow mode
Kathy F.
Nurse Nancy
Artsy shot of Vinnie... good?  bad?  You decide.  Good raw material, though.
Michael S.
Best of show.  PInki and Kathy.
Nathan, Erin, and PJ
Marian... you're a nut!  A coconut, in this case.
Emily with Leslie... this is terrific.  My pineapple princesses.
Emily, talented in every way.
Carlos does his thing with Barry and Chuck.  Who knew there was a grammy winning Uke song??
ZZ?  EZ?? Joan??
Kathy and Jon at Honky Tonk night.  If you couldn't tell.
Elissa and Barry
Dave H., Mary, and Jon.
Nancy at the table.
Esther... I don't think I got any pictures of you with Henning!  Sorry!
Aidan and Bara
Karla!! I like it!!
Stewart's Corner... Molly, Matt, J-Ro, Pinki, Bruce, Stewart, John
Dining hall Jam
Conchi, Tii, and Emily
Conchi, Tii, Emily, Susie, Molly
Janice and Dale with Kathy
Song swap
Mary W.
Elizabeth and Mary at the song swap
Mary with Pinki...
Bara in her gingham dress... and blue jeans?!  Rather fetching, all the same.
Valerie and Billy cut a rug
Bonnie!  So glad you came back!
Billy L.
Peter and Dave.  Or is it Dave and Peter?
ZZ and Victor.... perhaps the only photo of Victor...
Jay and Molly
Tom M.
Zara and Stefan
Steve and Aidan... sitting in a tree??
Jon with Mary and Laura
Jon and Kathy... hey!  Who took this?
Tom and Emily
Dave H., and Rich J....
Susie and Bruce
Peter playing the five string banjo!?  Sacrilege!
Jon with Shane.... see you in Dublin?
Kathy with Shane.  You'd almost think these were posed pictures.
Linda and Shane.
John!  I barely saw you all week, it seemed!
Michael(s), John, Harry, Jay, Tom, Ben, Billy, Emily, Molly, Peter
Ben, Billy, Emily, and Molly smiling!!
Billy, Emily, Molly
Hello, Newman!
Pinki and Mary... I hope you're singing!  If not, then you just saw a ghost.
Tii (in logo merchandise) with Zara
I wanted a picture of me in front of the band stand... what the hell, why not?
Catherine, Laurie, and Patty...
Pat with Guy...
Zara, Emily, Laurel...
Zara, Emily, Laurel, Stefan
Laura and Cody
Conchi and Mary.  You are two important people to us!!
From John.... Planet Banjo at Camper's night....
From John J.... Planet Banjo at camper's night square dance.... Kathy and Tii on fiddles, Jon on Banjo, Katie on guitar, Barry on bass, and Nancy calling.