Once again, that was a great Swing week!! Here are some random pictures of people, mostly taken by stealth... except the ones with me in them... those are from John Johnson (they are marked, thank you, JJ!!). If you use the rest of these pictures on facebook, please credit me!
SO... Click on the little pictures to see the big pictures... and click on the big pictures to see the NEXT picture. Hi-Res shots available on request. Can't wait to see you all again, please stay in touch and come visit!!!

The new field for camping...Planet Banjo's home for Ashokan WS 2013
Long view of the new field up behind the inn
John Johnson's picture of the gang...
photo credit John Johnson... that's Miriam belting out in the middle....
photo credit John Johnson
Thanks to John Johnson, there's a pcicture of me!!
Nurse Nancy
Jon and Junior (credit John Johnson)
Song swap... or was this just a session?  Photo credit John Johnson....
Planet Banjo confers while Nancy teaches the dance.... photo credit John Johnson
Honky Tonk night from the  gallery... credit John Johnson!!
Another nice view of the camping field... now near the farm.  You couldn't really use the Pine Grove very well anymore.
A few shots of the old camp... the berm is posted...
In truth, I will NOT miss the old pay phone!!
If the old bunkhouse got swept away by the dam, so be it!
Stephanie!!  She only showed up for the pre-camp dance on Saturday night... where were YOU?
And so it begins... facing the camera, Junior, Kathy, Tom, Guy
Facing the camera Gerald, Pinki, Vicki, Bass Man
Tom gets a hand job
Guy & John
Rob and Dave
Kathy with the new camp buildings.  Porches everywhere!
Ah, the good old covered bridge
I'm not sure what the roped off area represented, but it seemed pretty permanent.
Vicki and Terry
John K.
Your gracious hosts, Jay & Molly
Barry & Tom
Janice, John K., Tammi at orientation
A Portrait of Tom Mitchell
Vinnie and Laurel
                               Paul A.
Gerald R.
A view of the new serving area.  Traffic flow was a tad awkward, but it was worth it!!  Chef Jill outdid herself.  Also, John K's Dome.
                               Joan and Dale and Janice
?? and Joan
Junior and Barry
Emolyn... O, P!
Tammi and Miriam
A color that doesn't occur in nature...
Dan's Dad
Ester & David
Junior at the woodshed.  With Conchi, Kathy, Barry, Molly, and John
Jay, Scooter, Tammi, Dave-from-Chicago
Junior, Conchi, Kathy, Barry
Miriam and Jay
Ditto... Miriam and Jay...
Junior, Conchi, and Kathy (playing Alvin)
Henning's Motor News
Elissa and Susan
Standing in for Matt Glaser... quite successfully, I might add... good old Peter E.
The Red Hot Mamas... Jeanne, Mary, Conchi
Laurel and Jay
Argh, out of focus... but still, I had to post Barry and Karla
The Red Hot Mama's... with Pinki!?  And it looks like Guy is having fun with Masako... good old Guy.
Junior and Tammi... as with Penny, she's a keeper!  Oh yes, and Terry.
Anna and Madeleine (sp?)
Glenn, she's a keeper!  Emolyn is now a permament member of Planet Banjo.
If this was in focus, it would be a fabulous picture.  But, there are other good ones of Alaina... an excellent new addition to the family.
                               Karla and Leslie leading the Troika... I think!
                               Patrick and Laurel
Katie, Elissa, and Conchi
What class was this, anyway??
Why does John K. stay photogenic after all these years?!
The peanut gallery...
Patti, Clelia, Tom, Scootros Scootros Ghali
LA with the red eye... oopsie....
Uke Class
Mo' Uke
The Other Other Jay
Janice and Sandy
Conchi playing steel... what will they think of next!?
Jay's singing class... with Elissa and Vicki
John P
John P
Pinki in the headlights.
Gotta love Mary!!!
marcie...a stealth photo...
Larry B. directs....
Patrick and Bjorn
Larry's class...
Peter B
Patrick.  No, the negative isn't reversed!
Blue Jersey.... Ellen and Frank in Larry's Class.
Someone had to take Carlos' picture.
Susie D
Junior's noon class.  Was a time when a noon class would have been out of the question!
Barry, Tom, and Junior
Tammi, you really photograph well!  So pretty.
Emolyn again
Jeanne and Miriam
                               i'm pretty sure this is the western swing band... with eric!
artsy-fartsy, or out of focus?  you decide.  Bob, barry, eric.
jeanne, ??, Scooter, Conchi
superman, er, eric
deb g.
junior, patti, kathy, miriam, tammi's elbow
i swore i'd remember his name, argh.
elissa, lookin' good after all these years.
candid, and fun, night shot of patrick, john, susie, terri
                               jay and molly
katie, leslie, and blake
nancy and nica
l.a., and barry
conchi, elissa, miriam
dave (with alvin), miriam, tammi
dave-from-chicago playing alvin
miriam, patti, tammi
the only picture of olivia, just about.  i'm not sure if elissa is singing or yawning....
dave (with alvin) and miriam
maggie, leslie, dave
song swap... terry, alaina, elissa, katie
alaina, elissa, katie
bob-from-chicago, chas
Alaina... sitting in for Anne Jacobs...
                               paul a. in his natural habitat
nica's lair
eric, wayne, rob
t-bone, cody, ??, chas
terry, cody
nathan... man, that performance at cabaret night just blew me away.
little debbie snack cake
la attending to business
The runaway hit of Swing Week this year was Masako... what a hoot!
Cindy and Gary
Gisele, Scooter, Cerri
Oy vay iz mir!
Glenn and Emolyn...
blake, bob, tom
                               jay, paul, junior in the foreground
pinki and jay
junior and barry
deb and vinnie
john and terri and....
carole and paul a.
junior, tom, and tammi
                          Gary!  Why the dress?  Not saying you don't have the legs for it...
The stealth cam... remember when we were all young and frisky?
elissa and dave
eric and colin