Yet another great Swing week! I hope your picture is in here! If it's not, it means you probably wouldn't have wanted it published anyway. Click on the little pictures to see the bigger pictures, and click on the big pictures to see the NEXT picture.  Snag any picture you like!  If you could add "photo credit Jon Gersh", I'd appreciate it.  If you'd like a hi-res copy of any of these please send me the full URL of the pictures you'd like. I'd love to hear from you. Happy July, jon-at-planetbanjo-dot-com

The ceremonial folding  of the t-shirts
Paul's amazing new  gravity-defying bow.  Available on his  web site.
This was the  funniest skit... glad i had my camera for rehearsal!
Elissa with the  Dean of Swing
The first of  the woodshed pictures.  This is where  the tires hit the pavement, so to speak!
Barry as the  Marlboro Man.  The Marlboro Man  has taken up pipe smoking now.
Kate caught unawares
Miriam, Junior, and  Jay
Years ago some  new camper asked me if everyone was required to fall in love with Molly.  I said yes.
Scootros Scootros Ghali
Elissa con Dobro
Fuzzy, but I  like it anyway.  Captures the spirit,  and all that.
The Grand PoohBah
Daniel, Eric, Junior,  Colin, Glenn, Chas (hidden), and Gerald
Daniel, Eric (hidden),  Junior, Colin
More of the  same session...
Colin, Chas, Gerald
Glenn, looking just  as good this year as every other year.  And now we  really get to hear him sing!  Very nice.
Ah, to be  young and beautiful (Clelia)
Dale and Janice.  They're hard to  photograph!  But we love  them just the same.
Cabaret night.  Peter,  Robbert, Dave,  Peter.
Back to the  woodshed!  Miriam, Junior, Meghan,  Michael, and I suspect that's Dave's left hand at the bottom.
The Chicago gang-land  session.  Carlos and Rob.
Bass Guy, Tom,  Larry, Chas at the daily woodshed guitar summit
Tom, Larry, Joey,  Chas at the guitar-cum-mandolin summit
Tom & Larry
Larry at the  woodshed.  Sorry I didn't  get many good pictures of you, Larry!
Rob, a.k.a., Bass  Guy
Pinki and Junior
Jeanne and Rob  scoping out the woodshed
Pinki and Junior  redux
Rob, Elissa, Darryl
Alvin the L5
Rob listening to  a high pitched dog whistle
Elissa had altogether  too much fun.  I'll have what  she's having!
More Elissa... it's  hard to stop photographing someone as happy as that
Aha!  Caught you!  Finally,  a half-way  decent shot of Daryl.
The thoughtful Pinki/Bonni
Patrick's (standing) sneak  attack on the woodshed!
Patrick, I wish  you could have stayed the whole week!  Not the same  without you!
Johnny (foreground) and  J-Ro...
J-Ro knitting.... or  whatever!
Heeeere's Johnny!
Rare photo of  Terry (and curiously, my Snark)
Junior, Pinki, and  Dave-from-Chicago
Patrick & Pinki
The new bunk-house  to be
Pretty damned impressive  actually
The new staff  quarters
Another lodging area
These guys were  working hard
Porches galore
Rear view of  said lodging
The magnificent new  Esopus Lodge... huge performance space, airy ceilings, big dining and kitchen area... all unfinished, but getting there!
Lodge porch
These tree-posts were  everywhere, nice touch!
Some serious infrastructure!
Nice perspective of  the lodgings relative to the Broom shop and new-ish bath-house.
He arrived in  a Buttercup.  Don't ask!
Nice picture of  Kate with her L4
Not too many  pictures of the new John B.  He subbed for  Jim W. who couldn't make it.  This guy is  great!  Anyone with a  closet full of Uncle Dave Macon t-shirts is alright with me.
Robbert in the  Western Swing orchestra (my '65 stringmaster is in the foreground)
Very nice picture  of Mary!  We love you,  Mary!
Out of focus,  alas, but I like it anyway
Eric in the  Western Swing Orchestra
Stephanie, Wendy, and  Carla (sp?)
Miriam with the  Junior Juice
The impossibly adorable  Chloe
Junior leads the  Western Swing Orchestra
Junior and Marian
Marian, Peter, John
Who the $%^&  runs marathons at our age?
New Jane
Kathy at the  woodshed
Dave with Alvin
Best shot of  Jeanne
The other Jay
Chuck comes out  of the woodwork
Conchi!  You're underrepresented  in  these pictures!  Jimmy at the  drums.
I'm not sure  what class this was
Our new steel  hawkeye, Dr. Jim
Planet Banjo rocks!  I have a  similar picture from many different years.  Jon, Pinki, Vicki,  Nancy, Kathy.  Photo credit to  Colin.
Paul A.
Paul's class... not  sure which one.
Stan worked like  a dog this week, building a new retaining wall of stones near the wiggly bridge.
Terry and Nica
What in the  world are you doing??  Cellphone tai-chi??
Mary with her  big new specs
The workstation.  I'm  definitely not  convinced that cell phones and computers have made this a better camp.
The kids, plugged  in... and not the way we used to define plugged in (that is, with amplifiers)
Looks like mostly  spam to me
Pinki and Johnny
Kate and Kathy
Paul's Mexican Orchestra.  Damned good!  Billy  in the  foreground on the xylophone.
More of Paul's  Mexican orchestra
Nice shot of  John K.
Paul's orchestra
Rob, Peter, Joey
Micheal and Rob  (back row), Jay, Leslie, Peter (front row)
Kathy and Chuck  blurring on the dance floor
A more natural  picture of Dale and Janice
Kate, Patsy, Molly,  and Robbert
Nica was inordinately  proud of her mug.  And what a  mug it is.
Junior and Paul  at the woodshed
Ah, this one  is better....
Accidental artsy shot
Junior's fiddle class  performs
Jon and Robbert  on the steel in the Western Swing orchestra, Chas in the background
Kathy, doing her  Anne J. impression
The new Meghan  (sp?) was a most excellent addition to Junior's... harem?  cabal?  riff-raff?
No explanation needed
Bjorn and Amy
Clelia in a  slightly less flattering portrait... but i like it anyway!
Scooter and Johnny
Esther and John  P.  We'll sure look  forward to having John off the injured-reserve list next year!
John and Joyce.  In all fairness,  they were mugging for the camera as usual, and I specifically asked them to look more natural.  They were very  obedient :-)
Barry (seated) with  Doug T.
Catherine, how do  you keep looking so good year after year?  It's not fair.
Karla with Blake
J-Ro keeping Scooter  company at the T-Shirt table
They actually had  girl-cut t-shirts this year.  That made kathy  very happy
Micheal with the  new Ingrid... love that Aussie pluck!  And bow.
Stealth visit by  Beverly (with John)
Olivia with Conchi
Kathy and Conchi
Junior signing an  autograph for Megan.  Dave and Carla  on the right,.
Nathan and Elissa  cut a rug.
Olivia captures the  essence of Rob and Nancy, our newlyweds
Here begins a  parade of women all wanting to pose with Junior.  Kathy first!
Conchi and Junior
Esther with Junior
Junior and Ingrid
Hey, that's Colin.  How did he  sneak in there?
Valerie and Guy
Junior with Scooter
Barry and Junior.  I had to  take the picture from below.  I have altogether  too many pictures of the top of Junior's hat.
Junior , Chas,  and Paul A.
Eric and Molly
Daniel and Tom
The adoring fans.  Say, that's the  best picture of Laurel this year.
Vinnie's impossibly good  looking family.  Good luck in  college!!
Peter stepped up  and did the admin thing this year
Couldn't leave out  Cindy and Susie!
Nathan and Giselle  attend to Laurel
Good ol' Sandy