Ashokan Western Swing 2016

Wow! Another year at Western Swing week, that was good! Here are some random shots of random people... I do maintain you get better pictures when you know everyone! If you're not in here, it's either by accident, or there wasn't a complimentary picture of you. Enjoy the memories!
CLICK ON THE LITTLE PICTURES TO SEE THE BIG PICTURES, and click on the BIG pictures to see the NEXT picture. Email me! Espeicially if I still owe you some mp3's or something! Sincerely, Jon G.

Elissa adorning a  back porch session... that's Junior playing
Junior with
Rob & Tanya...  and the head of Alvin...
Susie, lookin' good!
Pre-dinner dance...
Miss Tess
A foreboding Daryl
A kinder, gentler  Daryl
John and Elissa  in the pre-dinner dance mode....
Pre-dinner dancing
Vicki and Dave
The Bass Man...  is that lipstick on your cheek??
The Colonel Sanders  look becomes you so
A pensive J-Ro
Esther, looking quite  happy.  I think this  was a good year for Esther and Henning.
The irrepressible Jackson
Erin and Danny.  These guys are  just too cute for words.
Elizabeth and Mimi
 Billy, Tom,  James,                               Pinki, Liz'n'Vinnie
James, doing his  best Marty Robbins impression.
Larry B
Tom'n'Pinky, such a  happy couple.  Oy.
The return of  Faerie Elaine!  Happily married.  I  forgot how  nice your voice was.
Barry #1
Barry #2
Guy and Marian,  looking rather devilish, if I do say so!
Michael, the father  of the band.
Little Debbie
I don't get  no respect!  No respect at  all!
Mary's Minions.... Elizabeth,  Laura, and Mary.
My future son-in-law,  Will.  Oh wait, I  don't have any children.
Stan, the Stance  Ranger.
Jeanne and Mary....
What is it  about this new look?  Lookin' good, Jeanne!
Junior seems to  think so too!
Oh, hell, one  more.
 Karla!  Don't  worry,                               there  are more pictures of you to come.
Peter and Patty
Evan, the new  guy.  String Wizard.
John U, in  soft focus.  Oh well, I  might as well admit... out of focus.  But... pretty decent  nonetheless.
Something striking about  this picture... Billy and Erin....
Django band
John P
Go ahead.  Make  my day.
Olivia and John
Michael S.
Some years back,  a new camper asked me if all the guys were required to fall in love with Molly.  I said yes.
Tom K
Harry and Larry  are happiest when they are riffing
Told you there  was a nice picture of you coming!
Welcome back, Joey!
Max, one heck  of a guitar player.  Pretty fair dancer,  too, I'd say!
Good ol' Eric.
Elizabeth and Mimi...
Anneke and Leslie,  in one of their rare static moments.
Julie, daughter of  Dave H.  Who would have  guessed?
Elizabeth and Mikahla.  Three quarters of  the hair in camp was on that bench.
Jimmy and the  Man Bun.
In the pines,  in the pines
Tammi, so beautiful.  Thanks for coming with Junior!!
Julie again.
And again!  With  Mary.
Will unveils the  resurrected Junior's woodshed sign.  A good time  was had by all.
Robert watching the  band
Junior, in an  interesting focus effect.
Kathy took this  one, a good one of Junior.
Another Kathy special.
It was good  to have Jeremy there!  Being caricatured by  Mary Kay Place.
Dave and Elissa,  swing week stalwarts.
Jay, John and  Tom K play pre-dinner music
Elissa had a  good week.
 Debbie in  the                               dance hall.
 Emily with  Todd.  Todd was a  good new find for Swing week, and our neighbor up on
Marian and Elissa,  in her Boutique dress!
Linda, dahlin'!